AppCode 3.3.3 EAP: Breakpoint in Swift - Resume not working

I have a breakpoint in Swift code. The code will be called from -[AppDelegate application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:].

AppCode stop as expected at the breakpoint but resume does not work. If I press resume AppCode looks like the program is resuming - but the actual App on the devices hangs. This is also true if I write "thread continue" in the lldb window directly.

If I do the same thing in Xcode everything works as intended.

For all other Swift breakpoints (not called from didFinishLauchingWithOptions) it works fine.

Anyone else having a similar issue?

AppCode 3.3.3 EAP (but its the same in AppCode 3.3.2)

Xcode Version 7.2 (7C68) / OSX 10.11.2 / iOS 9.2



Problem still remains in AppCode 3.3.3 EAP 143.1821.7


Hi Stefan.

Could you please enable debug logging by entering #com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger into Help | Configure Debug Log Settings, restart the IDE, reproduce the problem and send us idea.log (Help | Show Log in Finder). Do not forget to disable debug logging after that. It would help us in our investigation!


Aehm, there is no more attach file option in this forum, is it? So where should I put/send the logs?


You are right :) Please send it to appcode-support at


Done. Request number is #620857

I hope it is helpful and you find something. :-)


Thanks, got it! We'll let you know as we find anything.


I have the same issue in 3.3.2 (and actually I had it in 3.3 as well), but for all Swift breakpoints.



And yes, I thought I would only have this issue in functions called from didFinishLaunchingWithOption - but it turns out that was only a misleading coincident. In the meantime I converted a few more classes from ObjC into Swift and I have this issue everywhere.

Unfortunately I still can't reproduce the issue with a test project nor do I understand what exactly happens when the issue occurs.



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