Template Data Languages - How to add PHP highlight to SMARTY?

I am using Nette framework, which uses *.latte files for html templating, I have assigned the *.latte extension under Smarty, which allows for autocomplete when writing all of the html code, but sometimes I use php snippets enclosed in <?php * ?> and they are treated as default text. Is there any way I can say that anything inside the <?php and the ?> is PHP and get the syntax highlight and autocomplete features for it?

There is also a plugin that recognizes *.latte files as their own file type. But even it only highlights HTML, but does't have autocomplete, plus php inside <?php ?> is still treated as default text, so the only thing it is good for is autocomplete and highlight of the Nette framework macros that are used inside the *.latte files. Maybe this would be easier to make work so that there is also HTML autocomplete and PHP highlight?

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Hi there,

AFAIK Smarty does not support <?php ?> tags directly -- only {php}.

And {php} tag is not supported (and quite unlikely to ever be -- considering that it's a bad practice as it defeats the whole point of using Smarty or any other similar templating engine -- to separate actual PHP code from presentation) -- see https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-1203 ticket.

ATM to have PHP code treated as PHP it should be 1) placed between <?php ?> tags and 2) file must be associated with "PHP Files" in IDE (but then you will loose Smarty). Associating it with Smarty file type removes PHP support.


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