Update to 10.0.3 changes AGAIN the colors settings

Updating from 10.0.2 (or even 10.0.1) changed again the colors settings (happened also with the update to 10, was worse actually).

Basically the static method arguments, dark red on dark gray, are hard to read!


 • Is it because I keep using a "custom Scheme" (saved as local file) since much older versions?

   In this case please let me know what official scheme is to be used, then I'll inject my own changes (or any method to get solid settings)

 • I'm on Linux, is there some file hacking to be done (ACL, ...) to get rid of this problem for good?

Thank you and regards

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Please update PhpStorm to 10.0.3 - there were some color scheme fixes introduced there including the aforementioned "dark red on dark grey" issue.

Custom scheme also may be the issue but I'd ask you to check how it will behave after the update and if it will remain the same, then I'd suggest to check the default Darcula scheme.

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Well, thanks but, as the title says the problem happened after updating to 10.0.3.

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Apologies, missed that.

Does the default Darcula scheme look fine?

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Sounds nicely close enough, indeed.

So, in .3 updating to Darcula, then saving as something and doing some customizations in it should be fine after the next updates?

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Hi there,

Please check this ticket and last comment in particular: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-30410#comment=27-1282345


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