Test runner not showing "should" labels when using Scalatest Wordspec

I am using CE15 with the latest Scala plugin to run ScalaTest unit tests using the WordSpec variant.  The tests run as expected, however the implicit "should" label does not appear in the nested test runner output.  Other implicit phrases such as "when" do appear and the "should" label is included in other reports such as those generated by SBT.  Is this a problem with my configuration, the test runner, or ScalaTest?

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The issue is most likely caused by flaws in integration between ScalaTest and IDEA test result reporting. Current implementation of reporter uses plain event.getText() for ScalaTest testStarted/testSucceeded/testFailed/etc events, event.getMessage() for scopeOpened/scopeClosed events and so on. In these methods some parts of test/scope names are allowed to be omitted. I have created an issue in youtrack (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/SCL-9826) and will address this problem once I have the time. Thank you for the feedback.


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