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I'm quite new in terms of plugin development and idea platform overall. I'm using Community edition version and I can't upgrade to the Ultimate one (not because of it's cost - the things are little bit more difficult here).
I need some features which are available in the Ultimate edition. Can I create my own plugin (which will be created completely by myself from the scratch) for these purposes? Or I will violate terms and conditions of end user license?
In particular I'd like to create basic j2ee plugin to enable syntax highlighting for jsp files and included taglibs.

I tried to find any information about this but unfortunately I found nothing (I read License Agreement but it contains only general information). Let me know, if there is a place where I can find this info or everything I described above is nonsence and I don't need/can't do what I want.


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IANAL but the code of Community Edition is licensed under Apache 2 license, which basically allows you to do "anything" with it.


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