WebStorm does not autocomplete properties of object which returned by a function (many nodejs modules are without autocomplete).

// If function returs an object created on the fly, autocomplete will work.
function fun1() {
return {
aaaa: 13

var obj1 = fun1();
//obj1.aa // Autocomplete works.

var obj2 = {
bbbb: 15

obj2.cccc = 16;

// No creation on the fly, autocompletion does not work.
function fun2() {
return obj2;
var obj3 = fun2();

//obj3.bb // Autocomplete does not work. You will laugh, but SublimeText will suggest variants (bbbb, aaaa, etc).

// Many Node.js modules use such an approach:

var innerObject = {};
innerObject.func1 = function(){};
innerObject.prop1 = 'bla bla bla';
module.exports = function() {
return innerObject;

//And WebStorm in such case does not provide autocompletion. A programmer have to open module source and search for object names by hands, how so :(.

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