Access project stored in iCloud on OS X

I'm coming back to a project that I haven't worked on for over a year.  All of the project source files are stored in a folder that is in my iCloud drive (I am on a MacBook Pro with fully updated OS X (as of 28Jan16).  Perhaps I'm just being dumb, but I couldn't find anyway to directly open that project from within PyCharm's file manager.  I know I could always copy the files locally, but I would prefer to NOT do that.  

Is it possible to access the project files, with PyCharm, directly from within iCloud Drive?

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The iCloud Drive doesn't appear as part of the regular filesystem (unlike Dropbox and others) so the JetBrains file picker dialog can't see it.

This article describes how to actually find the sorta-directory on your filesystem.

Based on that, I just did a symbolic link from a directory in the iCloud Drive, to my desktop. I was then able to open it in PyCharm and it created the .idea subdirectory. 

There might be better approaches, but this might be a good start.


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