Run karma tests with gulp and retrieve result in test runner tab


I'm running my karma test in gulp task which does a lot other things (transpiling Typescript, less, livereload & more). This task is started in webstorm, and my karma results are displayed with all gulp output, as expected. Is there a way to display the results in the test runner tab without create a karma run configuration?

Our workflow fully relies on gulp for some reasons: other devs in my company uses other IDEs and it's faster to start with gulp already configured than configuring every Webstorm specific stuff for a project (we have a yeoman generator for new projects and with single npm install, every dev is ready to go on an existing project), so I wouldn't configure every project I have spearately, it would be way faster and easier to be able to configure webstorm or karma for that use, and not configure webstorm for everything I have in my gulpfile.

Moreover, every IDE specific stuff is not commited in our SCM.

I saw the karma plugin karma-intellij but it comes without any documentation or any kind of explaination about its aim...

Thanks for any help.

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No, you need using karma run configuration to be able to see the results as a tree in test runner tab. there is no way to have a special UI and treatments for each Gulp task being run

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Thanks for your reply, it seams like I'll have to continue to read the tests result in my gulp run tab :)


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