Problem building an "exploded war" artifact - order of facets from modules?


I am stuck trying to build an "exploded war" artifact from a multi-module Ant/Ivy project.    The project is old, stable and works if built from Ant/Ivy at command line or using Ant inside Intellij.   


The problem is that several of the modules that go into the war have the same elements in them (like "index.html").   Normally the order is solved by building each module into a JAR and including the JARs into a final WAR.   However, when trying to build a single "exploded war" the elements get written on top of each other, and whatever one goes into the "exploded war" artifact last winds up being the one that is used.  

I have searched the help but I can't find an answer for this particular question:  What determines the order of elements in an "exploded war" build, and how do I make sure they build in a particular order?

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If you switch off alphabetical sorting by clicking on 'a->z' button above 'Output Layout' tree in the artifact editor, the elements will be shown in order they are processed: if there are several files with the same name the file from the first item will be copied. You can use <Up Arrow>/<Down Arrow> buttons to change this order. Actually this is described in our help.

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"Actually this is described in our help." You are absolutely right, it was right there. I can't believe I missed it. Sorry about that!

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