Single File Editing, Transmit, Auto Save?

I'm wondering now that PHPStorm supports single file editing, is there any way to use it in conjunction with Transmit for quick file editing. Unfortunately, I have a large number of legacy projects that require FTP editing for quick changes. I'd love to be able to use PHPStorm as I am more familiar with keyboard shortcuts, and have a library of live templates I use.

Is it possible to create an association for Mac OSX that would open a singe file in PHPStorm, perhaps through an intermediate script. I'm assuming I'd also need to turn off auto save options under System Settings -> Synchronization

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According to this thread one can associate file types with apps in Transmit. Unfortunately I'm not a Transmit user (not even a Mac guy to be honest) so I can't advise how can you associate .php files with PhpStorm app in Transmit. But apparently you can do it.




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Yeah, seems like default association only works if a project is already opened. Otherwise opening a file with PHPStorm only gets you to the welcome screen.


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