DG only working with Oracle 12 drivers?

I just downloaded DataGrip to try it as query tool for our Oracle database (most of those clients, like SQL/Developer, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, etc) are pretty buggy so I was eager to see how DG is doing).

However, I cannot connect to our database (no issues with all other tools mentioned above), as DG seems to be relying on 12g drivers exclusively.

Is anyone aware whether 11.2 driver can be used for DataGrip?

I am on Win7, Oracle 11.2 database & drivers on PC.

Thanks, Martin


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working for me with orale11g and "OJDBC6" driver.

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Thanks Meysam,

I should have been more specific. On my environment I only have 11.2 drivers (and I'm limited to install other driver versions). As I see from your screenshot you connected to a 11.2 instance with 12.1 drivers.

So to be more exact with my question: Is it possible to use 11.2 DRIVERS with DataGrip?


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Hello Martin,

It works for me with 11.2 jdbc driver:

Do you use Oracle jdbc driver, downloaded from JetBrains site? I have the following driver settings:

What is the error you are receiving? Please attach idea.log after IDE restart and reproducing the problem. Thank you.


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Thanks for you help.

I was able to connect now with the following steps

  • downloaded Oracle 12.1 instant client
  • modified DataGrip.bat to set ORACLE_HOME and PATH to the 12.1 client
  • run the DataGrip.bat instead of DataGrip.exe

But I will definitely try your config above!

Cheers, Martin


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