Extending PyRemoteDebugProcess

Im trying to extend the Python remote debugger of PyCharm Pro, so far it looks like PyRemoteDebugProcess has the methods i want to override so i extended it in my own class. But the issue i have at hand is figuring out at what point during the process the instance of PyRemoteDebugProcess is created so i can replace it with my version.

Im hoping someone here as some insight on that since this is part of hte PyCharm pro edition there is no docs and no source code to look at to figure out how it works.

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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately the current state of the API doesn't allow to override PyRemoteDebugProcess as it is created in a XDebugProcessStarter callback passed to XDebuggerManager.startSession() called inside PyRemoteDebugRunner.

But if you explain, what you would like to achieve in the end, maybe I could recommend something else, that can be done. 


Best regards,


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hey thanks i managed to figure out a way around to do what i wanted, though what i am curious now is if there are any example of setting up custom console view that updates from data streamed into a network socket


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