JXTreeTable - weird cell rendering issue for DarculaLaf look and feel

So here's my problem. I have developed a plugin for intellij which contains a tool window, and a part of it contains a tabbed pane with a JXTreeTable like this

Looks great and works as expected until I start clicking on the rows. I'll explain the issue through screenshots.

  1. Row selected

  1. Move mouse pointer to next row

  1. Select Next row
    1. Repeat above procedure for the next couple of rows and I end with this!

    1. Now If I move my mouse pointer back up those again, The colors come back like magic!

      Continue moving mouse back up along the rows..

      1. Also at any point if my mouse pointer leaves the column..The view is back to normal again (except for the selected row of course)

        My Look and Feel is IntelliJ Dark Look and Feel - com.intellij.ide.ui.laf.IntelliJLaf , which I found out using System.out.println(UIManager.getLookAndFeel())

        If I change my look and feel programmatically to something else, This issue disappears. But i'm not in a position to alter the default look and feel so I have to fix this issue (or bug?).

        I've used a hack to apply a different look and feel just for my JXTreeTable view component, and it worked great until.. I open another project on a new window (this creates a new instance of my tool window for the new project) and the hack this time around works against me, setting the look and feel properly for the new project, but resets the look and feel back to default for the first project instance.

        Oh and i'm using the DefaultTreeCellRenderer for my treetable.

************** EDIT ************

The Look and Feel that's causing the above explained issue is

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Is the issue is reproducible with our TreeTable?


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Nope. I eventually ditched the JXTreeTable and went with the intellij TreeTable component. It works as expected.


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