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Hi, I'm still fairly new to using IntelliJ beyond just regular java files.  Right now, I'm working with some XHTML files and was wanting to change the default formatting.  Is there any way to do this currently?  My main issue is with not automatically putting JSF elements on a new line.  I've tried adding these in the HTML formatting with the tag in front like h:outputText but that doesn't seem to do anything.  I read that EditorConfig might help with this, but I don't see anything in EditorConfig's documentation that shows it can do this. 

So my question is where can I go to change the default XHTML file formatting rules?  And if there isn't a nice GUI to change this, is there somewhere that I can change this in the XML settings files that IntelliJ uses? Also, by default is it just using HTML formatting rules for all the elements on the page?

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XHTML formatting rules are taken from XML, not HTML. XML rules though are limited and do not have settings for specific tags. On the other hand <h:outputText>, for example, goes to the next line. I don't know why it doesn't work for you. Can you give a specific example (file)?


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