trying to add post params to http request but failing on 14 versions. 15 versions working properly


I am trying to create a post request from a plugin I am writing and it is working in 15 intellij version but does not work on 14 version:

UrlEncodedFormEntity ent = new UrlEncodedFormEntity(formParams);
((HttpPost) request).setEntity(ent);

when I look at the request /entity objects I can't see my parameter.

I have tried adding it in this form :
basicParams.setBooleanParameter("ship_it" , true);
((HttpPost) request).setParams(basicParams);
request.setHeader("ship_it" , "true");

but still no go.

any tip on how I can complete it and why intellij 15 version is working properly?
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Maybe it's related to the version of HttpClient library shipped with IDEA. You can probably try to bundle your own version with your plugin not to depend on it.

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I was mistaken , this doesn't work on intellij 15 as well.

I don't know if doesn't work since I did it in wrong way or this behavior is normal.




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