Any way of setting up a simplest plugin repository for publishing a single plugin.

We developed a plugin to speed up our business development. But, keeping the plugin up-to-date become a very hard task.

We are inside of a firewall, and can't make any developing machine connecting to the internet. We are using file sharing to deploy the plugin, but when the plugin are updated, it's hardly to ensure everyone keep their ide using the new plugin version.


So, Is there any way to setup a plugin repository? We have only one plugin(maybe 2 or more in the future),. Let users know the update and let them update that plugin automatically is the only requirement. 


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On your internal server, create a file called "updatePlugins.xml" that looks similar to the following:

<plugin id="YourPlugin" url="" version="00.04.540"/>
Place the plugin in the appropriate place for proper download
For the clients, in Settings->Plugins->Browse Repositories->Manage Repositories add a new entry that points at the full URL for your "updatePlugins.xml" file. (e.g.
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Hello Meilun,

IDEA checks for updates in all specified repositories and compares version of installed plugin with version specified in repository and if it is greater then suggests to update plugin. Version in plugin.xml should be updated also, because after downloading "plugin.xml" is actually parsed and version are compared again. Anyway I suggest to update version in plugin.xml when you updated plugin to make it easy to check what version of plugin is used.

If you use tool to build and upload new versions of your plugin then I would suggest to add a step to update info in "updatePlugins.xml".

Ivan Chirkov

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BTW, How does idea know the plugin is updated? If local plugin version is different from repository plugin version, then update is available? And do i need modify version in plugin.xml every time, or only modify the version in the repository?

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I can't make it to work. I mean, I can install my plugin from the updatePlugins.xml but it doesn't auto update. I'm using zip files instead of jar. Does it make any sense at all?

The plugin version matches the one in the xml definition.



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