Redshift - slow process of synchronization and fetching data


I have problem with synchronization, when I connect to redshift (first load of tables) and with fetching data after query in comparison with other clients i.e. DBeaver. I have drivers for redshift, using old inspector an everything what I have found on interenet. Have you idea, what could be wrong? Thank you for your answer.

Jiri Grill


I'm experiencing the same issue and have been since the early 0xDBE beta days. Am using the official Amazon Redshift jdbc driver. Would love an answer as well.


The same here. It goes quite well after all the tables are loaded, but the syc takes ages when compared to DBeaver. Thx for reply.


Also experiencing this issue!


Currently there is no native introspector for Redshift. We definitely have plans for enhancing the support in later DataGrip versions. Please follow related request in YouTrack: .


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