Clion Not finding code and headerfiles

I have a few entries in my code that Clion is saying that I have some errors. Which I don't think should be there. I have the mingw compiler with make,gcc,g++. 


Here is an example:


#include <fstream>
ifstream inputUserFile;"userInformation.dat");
char test[] = "\0";
inputUserFile >> test;

Clion is saying that the library fstream is not being used but infact it is.

Also another part is,

unsigned int numTries = 0;
cout << endl << "Enter a valid password: ";
cin >> passWord;
if(numTries >= 5){
numTries = 0;

Clion is also saying that numTries is not being used.

I don't know how to fix this so I was hopeing to get some insight on it.


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Hi Drake.

Please try using the latest CLion 1.5 EAP which contains a lot of language improvements. Does that help?

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It does. How do I log in so that EAP doesn't expire? I don't see a sign in feature in the help to have my license to CLion.

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EAP doesn’t require an active license and you can use it until the build is expired (usually 30 days) or the next EAP will be published.


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