Please help me configure MS SQL Access

I connect to an MSSQL database via vpn.  Using Navicat I can connect just fine with the following settings:


Hostname: (the address of the sql box on the remote server)

Authentication: SQL  Server Authentication

Username & Password.

I don't have to specify a given port.

However, I can't connect via PHPStorm.  Any ideas?



What messages do you have in a View > Tool Windows > Event log > Database tab? Are you able to connect to MSSQL server from  a PhpStorm box via cmd using sqlcmd (cmd > sqlcmd -S\<instance> -U <username> -P <password>)? See technet for reference.


Here is the error message:

QL Server (Microsoft) - Andover@ (14s)
Connection to SQL Server (Microsoft) - Andover@ failed
This driver is not configured for integrated authentication

I don't have the sqlcmd utility on this machine (win7 connecting by vpn to windows server).


As I mentioned, I can connect via navicat.


Hi there,

Please show screenshots of your DB connection settings (General tab + any changes that you have made on Advanced tab)


This looks different to what you have said earlier.

On your screenshot you are connecting to localhost instead of

I believe you should have:

  • Host =
  • Instance = empty

Also -- in Navicat -- do you do any other settings except basic host/db name/user/password ?


I've swapped them...same error.  Here are the settings in navicat...there are no advanced settings.


Can you please show the screenshot from PhpStorm with the new settings?

Please also try ticking the "Save password" check box


And what -- it still produces the same error (as in original message)?

If so then I do not know what else it may be. Maybe your PC misses some other files (I do have local SSMS installed + SQL Server drivers (both native & ODBC) -- maybe it makes the difference here).


If you click "Test connection" - would it fail? What do you have on Advanced tab in Navicat?


BTW, I've tried w and w/o a port being specified (as navicat does not specify a port)


ok guys...thanks for your help.  I was just evaluating the program.  I'll just stick to my old tools.  Thanks for your help!



1433 is the default port for client connections.

1434 is for DAC, which needs to be enabled first on the actual server.

Maybe it's your local firewall issue (firewall/internet security that can block access on per application level)?


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