svn error messages on a Samba drive/Mac


I'm working on a project with sources on a Samba drive (they are on a Virtual Machine running on my computer)
I've tried all the different options (local web server/remote sources, ...) and I found the best configuration is the default one (web server and sources are local)

It works fine but I keep seeing error messages "Some errors occurred while accessing svn working copy database."
(for every access to the svn server, I get dozens of this message, without any more information)

It doesn't keep me from using the IDE, or even updating/committing the sources, but I guess there has to be something wrong

I'm running it on a Mac, the project is on Subversion 1.8 format - I've updated the settings to use the 1.8 svn client instead of the default 1.7 in /usr/bin
I've tried it with local sources, it works fine.
On Windows, with a network drive, it works fine too

Thanks !

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Unfortunately, working with remote files directly, via network, is not a supported scenario and may cause unpredictable behavior.
We definitely do not recommend such configurations.
PhpStorm has been designed to work with local copy of the project. Find more info about this approach here: <>.

You can check the valid scenarios and configure synchronization with remote server by following this guide: <>.

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