Listener when breakpoint is re-enabled

I'm working on a plugin that provides custom breakpoints which when are set require a request to a remote service. This works fine, when the user sets the breakpoint by clicking on the line number. However if a breakpoint is getting disabled/enabled from the breakpoint properties panel (either right clicking on the marker at the line or opening the "View Breakpoints" dialog), the SDK only updates the UI of the breakpoint and changes the state of the underlying XLineBreakpointImpl, but I could not find a good way to listen on this state change. Is it possible to achieve this? Or will it be implemented in the coming releases?

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Hi, you can add XBreakpointListener to the XBreakpointManager (obtain the instance from XBreakpointManager).

breakpointChanged will be triggered on breakpoint enable/disable, unfortunately it will be also triggered on any other breakpoint property change.

Though it is a little bit strange that you need to do this yourself, if you have your XBreakpointHandler it will be called automatically on enable/disable.

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Thanks, indeed the handler was called, I just haven't noticed it.


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