Error: Cannot Lock System Folders

After install trial version PHPStorm 10.0.3 and run, a get error (Windows 10 x64, 4Gb, Core i7 2.4GHz):


Cannot Lock System Folders.


Hi Sergey,

Please provide us with a full IDE log.


Hi Eugene,

I do not have the log file. Directory ?:\Users\MyName\.WebIde100\system\log is empty.



No good. Could you please scroll the error message down and take a screenshot, is there anything about 'No route to host'?


These look similar:

Do you have any firewall/antivirus software installed? If you do, please turn them off and try to start PhpStorm again.


I am complete re-install PhpStrom, switch to Java 1.8, but it did not help me. I am try x86 and x64 versions.

It's a pity. Apparently, it is necessary to continue to use NetBeans.



Sorry for that, we're trying to find a solution.

Please add to the vmoptions file by following the procedure:


Problem solved. It was in Kaspersky Total Security. After his complete removal of all was well. Disabling security does not help.

Thank you


It doesn't sounds good for me. I don't like to uninstall kaspersky i pay for it!


Any other solution?


Hi, I encountered the same problem and it is definitely firewall related.

The firewall log looked like this after initial startup:

So I created a new rule:

Allow, Remote-Ports: TCP 50575-50580, Remote-Address, outbound

Now it's working just fine.


Restarting Windows works for me.

It happened after I closed a Windows Firewall dialogue asking me if another app (Everything.exe) can access the network (workplace, private or public) without response. After I restarted Windows, IntelliJ could launch normally.


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