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I have been using PHPStorm and Webstorm in trial mode for some time now.  I've also been using Eclipse.   As I was visiting the JetBrains site to make a purchase of PHPStorm I noticed the All Products Pack has been announced, but was not yet available for sale.  So I waited.  I now have the commercial All Products Pack licensed for a year.   Thus, I have both PHPStorm and WebStorm.

When I develop non-PHP, mostly Javascript based sites, Webstorm's focus works well for me.

One of my larger projects involves many platforms.   This project includes a member only Wordpress site on *nix which includes integration with DB2/400, uses various web services through jQuery, Node.js, .NET I've developed within Visual Studio Ultimate(now called Enterprise), IBM Power i code I've developed including RPG code, DB2/400 SQL procedures and functions, Node.js running on Power i within AIX.   Part of this project runs within PERL, C#, and/or VB.NET.   The project is responsive, mobile optimized, and is integrated into native iOS and Android apps of ours.

My question is this:  What do *you* do when developing for many platforms?  

Do you use PHPStorm for developing the PHP portions of the site, and WebStorm for the Javascript?   Or, do you use PHPStorm and add the add-ons Webstorm has by default?  If the later, then why is that better than installing IntelliJ IDEA and then adding the PHP and Javascript addons to it?

I'm not asking "What should I do", I'm asking what do you do.   I'm curious how others work with these packages as I might just learn something.   

For the IBM Power i side, I use Rational Developer for i v9.5x with the full Data Studio suite integrated.  I've been using this tool and its ancestors for over a decade (eg WDSC, Code/400, SEU/PDM, even paper back in the day).   As IBM is the creator of Eclipse I was hopeful that I could do my PHP and Javascript within it.   I've installed JSDT, and Eclipse PDT.   I've been disappointed with the results.  My workspace becomes corrupt quite frequently, requiring long rebuilds which usually fail and a lot of wasted time.   The product locks up quite frequently.   This is why I purchased the JetBrains suite.  It is the closest IDE I've found that just works. 

However, when developing, I end up with many IDEs open to complete a single change order.  Currently I find myself doing this:  I have RDi open to code RPG, Android Studio for Android work including testing changes within the emulator, X-Code for iOS work, Visual Studio for C#, VB.Net and so on, PHPStorm for Wordpress work, and WebStorm for Javascript, Browser Stack for responsive testing.  I use Git and Mercurial because how could you not. I develop using  a MacBook Retina (4k), iMac 5k, Windows 7 and 10, Android devices, three IBM Power i systems, *NIX systems, and many cloud based systems and APIs.  (Rational RDi does not yet truly work on OSX, JetBrains does, and I'm a Mac guy :)   

I've been asking myself if there is a better way for me to develop.    PHPStorm and WebStorm are well worth their money.   They enable me to be much more productive, much more efficient.   Switching between all of these IDEs is confusing.  Keeping them patched is time consuming.   Old habits being difficult to break, I find myself continuing to use Notepad++ for a lot of development because it just gets out of my way.    In my mind, this is a bad thing.  It leads to stupid mistakes.

I'm ranting.   What do you find works well for you? 

Thank you.


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Hello Edwin,

Sorry to interfere, even though I am not a developer, I can suggest that you replace PhpStorm and WebStorm with IDEA Ultimate, it includes full functionality of these IDEs. Also, it's also able to replace X-Code due to having AppCode included, but it's up to you.


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