Create Web facet, Run Configuration and Artifacts for Project Wizard

We have a customized maven project wizard to create project using our own maven archetype.

But there are still some problems:

1. Our plugin will built a web project which will run on tomcat, when the project is set up by maven archetype plugin, web and spring facets will be detected and user have to click the link and create the facets. Any Idea to do it automatically?

2. There are a few steps to configure the tomcat run config, because we need to add a big list of JAVA_OPTS which is related to the project artifact name and some project configurations set in project wizard. If we can create run configuration in wizard, we can save time and reduce the chance to make mistakes when setting the configuration.

3. The artifact have to met our requirement, but the artifacts created by idea doesn't. So we want to create them in our wizard, too.


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Please define "customized maven project", what mechanism do you use exactly?

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We extended the original MavenModuleBuilder, MavenPropertiesPanel and SelectPropertiesStep to make the maven project wizard more simple to use while using our maven archetypes.

It's a customized "maven project wizard", not the "customized maven project" wizard.

Sorry for making the sentence difficult to read due to my poor english.

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No problem, I just want to give the right answer according to the exact context :)

You can override org.jetbrains.idea.maven.wizards.MavenModuleBuilder#setupRootModel resp. com.intellij.spring.initializr.SpringInitializrModuleBuilder#createModule to modify/add anything.


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