How to integrate external scaladoc to quick documentation?



In my SBT project I have a dependency, consisting of a folder of .class files and a folder containing scaladoc.

Everything is fine for local objects:

However, quick documentation does not show the documentation for the imported objects:

I tested the same procedure in a java project, which did show the correct documentation.


Scala 2.11.5

Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?


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Official comment

Scala plugin doesn't support generated scaladoc files. If you want to use quick documentation you need to attach sources of your library.

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Hi Nikolay,


I was afraid that might be the case. Unfortunately the library is generated by whitebox macros and hence there are no sources :/

Nevertheless it is good to have a confirmation on this. Thanks for the reply.

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Is there any chance that this will be included in future version?

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You can create a feature request on our tracker:

It won't get lost and may be implemented at some point. Currently it doesn't look like a high priority one.


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