Unable access newly added method via object

After adding one method to my existing class code, that method is not coming while accessing object of that class. If I write the method manually with the object name(someObject.myMethod()) it's showing in red color and telling "can not resolve symbol". Don't know why compilation on the fly is not happening here.

Like below though case class GetSnapShotById and method getSnapShotById are defined in respective class, it's showing error.

Note: suggestion list and other things are working fine for already exist code. I am using git repo.

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IDEA doesn't do compilation to find and highlight errors in the code. It based on the static analysis only. Sometimes it may highlight correct code as an error. The best place to report such bugs is our issue tracker:


Please create an issue there. If you are using github it would be very helpful to have a link to a branch where this error can be reproduced. Alternatively you may attach an archived example of a project. Also we need to know versions of IDEA and Scala plugin you are using. 

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