Is there any issue tracking Gradle composite buil support?

i.e. something along the lines of 

As a background, we have done some work with our builds to resolve external projects using the artifact name and the project name, but we are having problems with dependencies on artifacts with classifiers. The Buildship approach of resolving using the publications info should be able to take care of this.


I'm wondering if that issue is the right place to vote for this. IDEA-114469 sounds like being able to support multi project builds in IntelliJ. As I understand it, Gradle buildship is more about replacing artifact dependencies with project dependencies during development when possible. That would be something entirely different. A functionality I would be very much looking forward to because it would become handy in a large number of project setups.


Yes, the current title is confusing, however it was about replacing of a library dependency with a dependency on the IDEA module if it can be found in the current project. I've update the title of the issue


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