Package Plugins with Team City

So, we have a quite simple plugin, and release it with a private website.

Now, we want to add some members into the project to add more functions into the plugins. We use git to manage the code, youtrack to manange issues, upsource to review codes and teamcity to do CI.

BUT, there are still some problems:

1. We add a build configuration on TC to compile the code, but how to build a plugin? We can prepare a zip in the IDEA, but it's not an artifact(?). 

2. We can add a IDEA SDK into the local project, but how to add it into TC? It reports that classes in maven plugins are missing (of couse)

3. I found that there is a Intellij Platform Plugin Distributor in the plugin list. Is it related to the problems mentioned? And how to use it ? 


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1. TeamCity indeed doesn't have built-in support for building IDEA plugins. You can configure an artifact in IDEA project structure by hand and build it using TeamCity IDEA Project Runner.

2. You can click on 'Check/Reparse Project' button in TeamCity build step settings, it'll detect IDEA SDK used by the project and suggest you to specify paths to these SDKs on the build agent.

3. I don't know about such plugin and don't see it in our repository.

Probably the better way would be using Gradle and our intellij-gradle-plugin. It'll allow you to automatically download IDEA SDK on TeamCity, prepare the plugin zip.


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