UI Designer

So...just bought Appcode, found out about UI Designer, went 'oh boy! this looks great!' 


then found out...no UI Designer? Really?


What happened?




Hi Michael.

We have decided to suspend our work on UI Designer in order to focus on better language support in the editor (Swift 2 support, new Objective-C features, etc). Possibly after that we will return to UI problems, but not now.

Nevertheless, feel free to comment or upvote the issue in the tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-12495


I personally think that this is the right decision. It seems obvious to me that value proposition of AppCode (and all JetBrains editors, for that matter) is mind-blowing language support - things that no other tool can seem to even imagine. AppCode does a really good job for Obj-c, but Swift support has been mediocre so far (e.g. no refactoring, intentions, etc - which I've come to expect in all JB editors I've used in the past 15 years).

I'm sympathetic to the fact that Swift is moving target, but the value of using AppCode for Swift development is quite marginal still and a UI designer wouldn't make one bit of difference for me.

I've been a passionate supporter of JB tools for years and really hope the AppCode team can bring their product up to the amazing standard set by the rest of their tools over the years.


I agree with Michael B.

Currently, AppCode is not a clearly better coding environment than XCode.  There are many things I like more about it, but  overall, simple things like statement completion is really lacking.  It is great to be able to refactor, the debugger is better, IMO, but there is a long way to go.

I vote for JetBrains focusing on making AppCode a great environment for Swift development before focusing on non coding features such as the data designer.  

If JetBrains has firmly decided to shelve the designer, rather than "suspend" work, maybe open sourcing it would be nice. Maybe it would be picked up by someone.



Put me down for just shelving the designer. I'd rather the IDE focus on the languages, especially with the rapid evolution of Swift. They are just catching up with Swift 2.1, and we have 2.2 already with 3.0 not too far in the future.


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