What constitues "module support"; what are the metadata files; what are the pitfalls even when those files exists?


I have a large project that looks like this:

( http://www.javahotchocolate.com/notes/images/nifi-pipeline-project.png )

The modules all look more or less like surveys which I expanded for visibility here. All files are committed in version control. All works perfectly (running/debugging tests, etc.). However, when cloning then accessing the project via IntelliJ IDEA from another host, the module settings do not appear, i.e.: bolded modules, colored subdirectories according to roles, etc. context menus don't include running/debugging tests, and the module settings (File -> Project Structure -> Modules, etc.) are blank as if no modules existed. I'm really sure I haven't neglected committing anything to version control (.idea subdirectories, .iml files) and yet, while what I get back out when I clone from another host is everything I expect, the IDEA project just isn't set up with modules.

I rather expect that I have done something wrong, perhaps when setting one of the (sub) modules up from existing code ( belonging to a colleague using Eclipse), but probably also when setting up the other modules new myself in IntelliJ. What might I have done wrong?

Note, I haven't experienced this problem with other, IDEA projects that don't have (sub) modules.


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Do you commit .idea directory and .iml files to version control? Do you open the project from the folder above .idea?

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Yes, I did open it at the very top level the first time in IntelliJ. There is an .idea at that level, however, I'm realizing that our company doesn't version-control from the very top (nifi-pipeline.v70_release.dev), only from the main folder under the top (nifi-pipeline.v70_release.dev/code/nifi-control, which is the root). Likely, .idea was created this morning when I first opened the project on another machine. This may be what's wrong.

Is there documentation on .idea and the .iml file particulars, what's in the folder, what's in the file?

Thank you so much for responding!

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See https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/articles/206544839 .

.idea directory contains files like modules.xml that defines the locations of all the .iml files relatively to it. Format is internal and undocumented, but you can get the idea by looking inside the files.

.iml files store the information about the module roots and their dependencies.


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