VERY simple question from a complete newbie.


So, I'm a complete newbie to coding. My experience so far is about 2 weeks doing Python in Code Academy. I downloaded Pycharm recently, and for the most part, anything that I do in code academy can be transferred directly over, and it works, save for this ONE thing. Please forgive me for not indenting. 

num = 1

while num < 11:
print num**2
num += 1

Pycharm seems to hate this, and throws the error "unsupported operand type(s) for ** or pow(): 'NoneType' and 'int'"

Now, from what I've gathered, it doesn't like the fact that I'm trying to add a word to an integer, essentially, right? It throws the same error when I do anything else like that as well, for example:

variable = 10

print variable + 2

I've tried telling Pycharm that the number is an integer, but no matter how I try to code it, it doesn't seem to want to work. 

Any help on this would be very greatly appreciated!

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Do you know which version of Python is in use by PyCharm? Take a look at Preferences -> Project -> Project Interpreter

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My guess is he loaded the latest and need some parentheses around the print statement.  There's a lot of documentation our there that supports older versions. 



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