Implementing Download Sources for a new Language

For my Elixir plugin, I want to automatically prompt to download the standard library sources tarball from Github, so Go To Definition can work on standard library Modules.  I suppose I want it to work like this blog post on Node.js support, but since that's in the closed source I don't have anything to look at.

From intellij-community, I think I need to implement  com.intellij.codeInsight.AttachsourcesProvider, but I'm not sure how to connect the downloaded tarball with a given SDK and have projects using that SDK use that tarball.  Do I have to unpack the tarball?  How do I attach the Download Sources prompt to an unresolved Module the way the Node.js does it for unresolved requires?

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AttachSourcesProvider works only for java *.class files, so it won't help in your case. You can look at AttachSourcesNotificationProvider sources to see how it's implemented and write something similar for your case.


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