database window: fields, keys and indexes are disappeared


IntelliJIDEA 15.0.4

Build #UI-143.2287 , built on February 23, 2016

PostgreSQL 9.3.10

Table's data are disappeared: keys, column's names and so on.

Menu Group Schema, Group Contents, Show Empty Groups, Show Keys & etc. did not gain the success.

IDEA run with jdk1.7.0_51

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Postgresql driver postgresql-9.3-11.04.jdbc41.jar

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I get the message when I  sync with database:

"IntelliJ IDEA Method is not yet implemented"

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Looks like issue. Please try delete jdbc driver, and create new data source with the latest driver jar, downloaded from our site.

You can also check it with IDEA 16 preview form .

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Dear Andrey, thanks a lot for your quick and supportable response!

I've removed my postgres driver in the window Data Sources and Drivers.

After that I've clicked on the link Download in the area Driver files of the windows Data Sources and Drivers.

Then new driver has appeared


and it have become all right :)


Thank you for helpful advice!

Have a nice day!


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