External annotator does not work on certain folders in rubymine

I have an issue opened on my plugin related to rubymine, the plugin works fine on other platform, but in rubymine with a rails project on some folders the external annotator is not invoked.

I have difficulties debugging since I don't have a license for Rubymine.

I have a project with a base directory projectbase which contains the config file coffeelint.json.

Linting does not work for a js file located below the app/assets directory e.g./projectbase/app/assets/javascripts/models/mymodel.js.coffee or/projectbase/app/assets/mymodel.js.coffee

However linting works when I move the js file to any different location e.g./projectbase/app/mymodel.js.coffee, /projectbase/mymodel.js.coffee or/projectbase/spec/javascripts/mymodel.js.coffee.

I suppose this is related to some special handling of the assets directory by RubyMine because linting works when I open the subdirectory /projectbase/app/assets/javascripts as a separate (non Rails) project in RubyMine.


See the original issue here:




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Hi, it's known issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RUBY-17915. Feel free to vote for it, in order to get notification when it is fixed


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