"Frame not available" while debugging cmake application in clion

Right...so I'm having a really weird issue and I hope someone here can help me!

This is my current project setup:



From the main.cpp I am then creating a cake and soda class and calling functions on them. Here is the weird thing.

If I set a breakpoint in the cake class and debug, it halts runtime at the breakpoint and let's me step through the code without problem.

HOWEVER! If I do the same thing on the soda class, after stepping into a function in the file I get the error: "Frame is not available" and operation is terminated. This is really bumming me out, I have no idea why this could be going on.


In cmake the structure of the project is similar. Party in this case would be a library that is linked against in "Birthday" which is an executable. And yes, cmake has the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE flag set to Debug.


I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!

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Hi Katharina.

Sorry for the delay. Could you please try using CLion 2016.1 which contains some debugger improvements. Does that help? Did you try using GCD 7.10, 7.11?


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