creating package from required files only


so this is what im facing:
I got a script library with a lot of scripts in it, used for various things. For whatever reason, i want to share one of the files (lets call this a fileA) with a friend, but don't want to share the whole library.

Is there a way for PyCharm to create a 'package' for me, that would include only files, that are being imported by the fileA? Better yet, only the functions, that fileA is using from that file?
for instance i have a script called ''. which imports file '' and ''. The '' file has a lot of functions in it, one of which is i.e. 'stripSuffix', and thats the only one that fileA is taking from there. So no need to send the rest of it...
Is there a way for PyCharm to just take these few functions that it's using from other files, and create a package that i could send to my friend without worrying that he doesnt have the dependency files?

Hope I explained myself correctly, hope some will answer, hah...

Thanks guys!

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