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I have been developing in coffee script but now I am trying to move to live script which has a very similar syntax to coffee script. I have downloaded a plugin for syntax highlight (LiveScriptBrains) for live script which is nice, but this plugin does not add a Code Style for live script. This is a big problem since both live and coffee script are very sensitive regarding white spaces. Thankfully the coffee script code style would work perfectly for live script except for the fact that it is not possible to assign a code style to a specific file type. Which wouldn't be a problem since we can copy a code style from one file type to another except that it is not possible to create new code styles in the editor. I understand that if I would pull this plugin to my local machine I could create a code style for it if I could write java but isn't there an easier way to copy coffee script code styles to a new live script code style?

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Hi there,

Unfortunately it has to be done at plugin level (whatever the actual solution would be) -- there are no settings screen in IDE that would allow you to associate custom file type with specific code style.

The best I can suggest right now is to try .editorconfig files (and appropriate plugin, which should be enabled by default) -- settings from there will override your Code Style (if it exists for such file types) and allow to provide supported settings (tabs vs spaces; indentation size etc) even if it does not.


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