Version Control / Local Changes - inconsistent with git status


I am running Intellij 15.0.3, and have just done the following

- git checkout to a local drive

- import project as existing sources into intellij

If i run git status, i see no modifications to the repo. However, I am seeing 60 or so entries in the Local Changes window in Intellij. If I do a diff from intellij, I see no changes - ie contents identical (there is no indication of a difference in line endings either).


git config core.autocrlf is set to false, line endings on the file are UNIX style, so LF only, which is as expected (ie how they were committed).


Would it be possible to get some background on what might be causing these files to show changes where there appear to be none?


Thank you

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Do you have the correct folder associated with Git in Settings | Version Control? Try to remove the <Project> placeholder and replace it with the location of the git root (the one containing .git subdirectory).

Attach idea.log if it doesn't help (


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