Ibus Bug

Is that issue ever going to be fixed? I'm kinda tired of having to restart Phpstorm 5 times a day especially since I'm paying 25$ a month to use your products.


Hi Mohamad,

Do you mean this one?
It's claimed to be fixed already, please try the latest EAP build and check if the issue persists.



Yup its that bug and its not fixed. But at least Phpstorm now recognizes that I have the latest IBus version. How can a major bug like this one go for more than a year and still be unresolved?


Yup I'm done. If you guys are not going to give a damn about Linux I don't know why I should care for your products. Vim here I come.


The notice I get now is that I should upgrade to IBus 1.5.11 but I am not sure how to do that?


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