No warning on a callback function argument with different parameters



I'm evaluating Webstorm and I like the code inspection feature in combination with JSDoc very much. This can be very helpful during development.

However I ran into a situation where I would expect a warning by the code inspection, but I didn't get any.


I have defined a class with a callback function parameter in the constructor.  This callback function is defined as a function with 2 (String type) parameters.

I would expect a warning when I call the constructor of this class with a faulty callback function argument which is a function with different parameters as the defined callback function type.


Do I have to add extra JSDoc defintions to get this warning or how can I avoid these type of mistakes...


Example code:

* Callback function definition
* @callback Callback
* @param {string} param1
* @param {string} param2

* My class defintion which will use the Callback function
* @constructor
* @param {Callback} cbFunc
function MyClass (cbFunc) {


* Faulty callback function
* @function
* @param {boolean} differentParam
function faultyCallback (differentParam) {


var myClassInst = new MyClass(faultyCallback); // Would expect a warning here!!



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