Found source file opens in new window

In last Webstorm EAP:

I want to lookup and open a file on one of the sides (not new window)


type file name

press Shift+enter

It opens new window, but before it was open on oposite tab

How to fix that?


Hit Enter to open file in editor tab; Shift+Enter opens file in detached editor window.



" you can opt to open this file in the main WebStorm frame by pressing Enter, or activate the detached frame by pressing Shift+Enter."


But before it was opening in another side.


I mean that in previous version of webstorm (prevous builds) when Shift+Enter was used file was opened on the oposite tab. It was much more convinient than now. 


I'm experiencing the same "issue" as Alex, on Phpstorm though. For me it used to open the file in the same window and I used it to have the same file opened in two splits


@Elena Pogorelova

How now can I have the same file on two tabs to compare different parts of it for example?


It is really become very unconvinient. Say I have file opend in left tab, and while working I want it to be in right tab: I just was clicking on right tab and press ctrl+shift+N, search this file and pres shift + enter and had this file in the right tab (even I still had it on the left side).

Why I would want to have if detached what is the purpose of this?



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