Synchronization not working anymore



I've checked the related topics and they do not provide an answer to my issue.


Everything used to work perfectly, but now even though I know the files on the remote server have changed, and when I choose from the file menu by right clicking the file: "deployment -> compare with teployed version on..." - I can see the changes highlighted as they should.

However when I do "deployment -> sync with deployed to.." either on a parent folder or the file itself, it shows no changes and will not sync.

This all used to work correctly until maximum a week ago, and to my knowledge there have not been any changes to the computer or program settings.


I can also say reinstalling and updateing doesn't help.


Hope someone can help.

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Kirsti, I would suggest to submit a support request (a button in a top-right) since the issue would involve inspecting your IDE log files + probably project files. 

Alternatively please check how it works for you in EAP build:




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