DataGrip freezes when focus restored

I'm coming to the end of an evaluation of DataGrip and I have to mention this issue as something of a showstopper.

I'll do some work in DataGrip, go to another application and then switch back to DataGrip. DataGrip will respond for a fraction of a second and then freeze for about 20 seconds. Up to 40 seconds. This happens most but not all times that I switch back to DataGrip. DataGrip remains responsive until I next switch away from it to another application.

There is no particular CPU spike while switching back to DataGrip.

Running windows 7, DataGrip 1.0.3 on a pretty well-specified laptop: dual i7 cores, 16 GB RAM, SSD.

This has gradually gotten worse (in frequency and freeze time) over the evaluation. Restarting host or app does not seem to make a difference.

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Hello Christopher,

Could you please file a request at with the last several idea.log files and Automatic thread dumps attached right after the freeze happens.Thanks.

Please also describe a bit your project: do you store project files and DataGrip configuration files on a local ssd? Do you have large sql scripts opened in Editor?

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Log left and the most recent thread dumps. I have dumps going back to the start of my eval, almost every day. I'm guessing you don't want them all?

Also an odd thing about the watched files: you can only exclude a location when you can see it on the network. I tried to exclude a networked connection precisely for performance reasons but it doesn't show up for me to exclude it until I'm in the area of the network where I can see it. That's the two images enclosed, screenshots of the files pane with full and limited connectivity.



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