Can you pleae help me, PLEASE?

Hey there, I´m new at Phyton and I´m trying to create a new function that could let me create new values at an excel page.

I have two fields for  every year I want to study, in each field I have the name of the patches (I have 753 names) and in the other field I have their respective area values. (See the example image)

Because I have a lot of data I would like to autocomplete some fields that apear in a year and dosen´t apear on the other one.

The new fields must have the names of the new patches and with a 0 value so I can have the same fields for both years.

Thanks for your help and your time, hope someone could help me

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In general, the PyCharm forums are for questions that involve Python in PyCharm. We're glad to help on general Python questions when they trigger something in PyCharm. For general Python questions as a whole, you might have better luck asking on StackOverflow.

That said, I don't see any use of Python in your example. It looks like you are asking about Excel formulas.


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