help !!! ... I need to add an external library to a Pycharm project

Please help.  I'm new to Pycharm and Python .. I need to import an external library into Pycharm.. could you tell me the best way to do this.. 

I'm trying to import an API for a device driver that i have bought.. 

Hi, I'm trying to use the CANBasic API for Python. I have downloaded the API folder for linux .. in the folder is a PCANBasic.h file which is a C file.. and the as well as the examples folder (containing python folder, which includes, PCANBasic.pyc and PCANBasicExample.pyw) .. and PCANBasic folder.
I do a make all on the project to install the PCANBasic Api first..
I am having trouble installing the API into my Python IDE (Pycharm). I have a python file in my project under a folder called src.

I do an import PCANBasic in my python script to call the API
however I cannot seem to make pycharm import the PCANBasic API.. I have tried importing the script into the same level as the


I have no idea how to import this API so that I can start using its functions.. I've tried searching google for Pycharm rated library import subjects.. but it would be helpful if I knew which file in the PCANBasic Api i need to point to to use the import function in python..

please could anyone help with this?

best regards,

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