Unknown custom keymap

Hello everybody!

I've found some custom keymaps in my PHPStorm but I cannot figure out what is their purpose and I'm pretty sure that I'm not assign them. They are:

Switching Apply (alt+shift+enter)

Switching Down (alt+shift+down)

Switching Left (alt+shift+left)

Switching Right (alt+shift+right)

Switching Up (alt+shift+up)


Does anybody know how to use these shortcuts?



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Those looks like old obsolete hotkeys for Views Switching:



<group id="SwitchViewActions">
<action id="SwitchUp" text="Switching Up" class="com.intellij.ui.switcher.SwitchAction$Up"/>
<action id="SwitchDown" text="Switching Down" class="com.intellij.ui.switcher.SwitchAction$Down"/>
<action id="SwitchLeft" text="Switching Left" class="com.intellij.ui.switcher.SwitchAction$Left"/>
<action id="SwitchRight" text="Switching Right" class="com.intellij.ui.switcher.SwitchAction$Right"/>
<action id="SwitchApply" text="Switching Apply" class="com.intellij.ui.switcher.ApplySwitchAction"/>
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@Dmitry Tronin

If they are "old obsolete" then why they appear as custom (highlighted in blue as opposed to normal black color) even in PhpStorm v10.0.3? What do we miss here?

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Going to discuss it with a team. I'll post more info once I have accurate info.

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I'm using 2016.1 version of PHPStorm but I have those shortcuts even in my .WebIde90 folder.


It's not a problem, I just want to known do I really need them.




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