Why updating to 2016.1 asks me to download instead of usual update?



I got the notification for updating IntelliJ IDEA to 2016.1 on my mac, but instead of automatically downloading as usual, its opening a browser window to download it, and also, the update window says I should purchase it or get a 30 days trial, when I have a subscription, does it mean that my current IDEA monthly subscription doesn't support the update?


Also, if I update it by downloading and replacing the app in the Applications folder, do I loose all my settings and plugins? I don't want to replace IDEA with the new app and lose all my setup.


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Patch updates are not provided between the major releases at the moment.

You don't loose any settings on update. IDEA will ask to import the settings from the previous version on the first start.

If you have an active subscription, this version will work fine with your license.

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Awesome! just what I needed to know, thanks Serge!


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