Scala plugin roadmap update?

It's been a long time since the last post on the plugin blog. I can see version numbers spinning up (today it updated to 3.0.47 from 2.x.x). Wow, a major version number update! So, what was added in 3.x? What is on the roadmap?

For me my #1 priority are still:

1. debugger working in macros (e.g. async macros - I filed a bug recently)

2. improving precision of type-aware highlighting and code completion (there has been plenty of improvement overall, but still not perfect - Scala is hard)

Do you have any resources that could help me start coding patches for the plugin?

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Hi, Piotr,

Difference between 2.2.0 and 3.0.0 is only 1.5 months. So it's almost full list of new features. A bit more is better Scaladoc formatting and better Scalatest highlighting.

Changing in number is important to be aligned with IntelliJ IDEA. Most probably next major version for Scala plugin will be 2016.2.x, so versioning will be changed in the nearest future.

Our roadmap for the next iteration is type aware highlighting and performance only. It will be the task for almost everybody in the team. It means that we are not going to implement new features for the next major release. However I'm sure the result will be noticeable for every our user.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

Hello! Some of the improvements are covered in What's new in IDEA (here: For extensive list of changes and improvements we will post on scala plugin blog eventually (actually, in the nearest future).

If you want to help by contributing, you can either take a look at youTrack tickets marked with "up for grabs" tag (like this one:, these are simple tasks that should not require extensive knowledge of the project to be completed. Readme in github repository ( and IDEA platform architectural overview ( should be helpful. Alas, there is no extensive architectural guide for scala plugin right now, but any of your questions are welcome on intellij-scala gitter - we will be glad to anwser them.


It would be worth adding these links (and the mention of the gitter channel) to the project's readme or contributing file ;)


Thanks Alexander for update. I can already see improvements in autocomplete behavior. Particularly smarter ordering of suggestions is a big productivity boost. And performance is also better since you don't invalidate all the caches on every change.


Not invalidating all caches will be removed in 3.0.1 for type inference cases as it still causes deadlocks in more obscure cases (defined return type will work as earlier, so I hope you will not see any differences). We will try to return it back in future versions.


Is this at all related to what's going on with akka-http syntax highlighting issues?  (SCL-9877)  This is a significant issue for me as I'm about to start a major project using it.


Terry, this issue is going to be fixed as well as we are putting all our resources for error highlighting feature. My estimate is 2016.2 for the initial positive results.


Alexander - that's great news. :)

Any chance this will show up in a nightly or EAP track soonish?


Terry, it will be in nightly builds as soon as it will be in master. EAP builds will be available in a few months.


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