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I'm longtime user of VisualStudio, but I decided to try WebStorm

It's good that there are VisualStudio keyboard shortcuts, but they are extremely limited, only basics work more or less (like step-in/step-out in debugger).

What I find extremely annoying is that it doesn't have proper way to do vertical edit on multiple lines. It's kind of exist, but who uses mouse to edit text?! wtf is that, to do vertical edit I need to do alt+mouse click!? Is it a joke? :) I'm kind of used to Shift+Alt+arrow keys to do vertical/multiline edit, this combination seems to be working in most editors that support vertical edit (starting from ultraedit, notepad++ and visual studio).



Hi there,

Not sure about Visual Studio keymap .. but Ctrl (press and release) then Ctrl+Up/Down (using Default keymap) will produce multiple cursors on the same position on multiple lines.

Also -- "Edit | Column Selection Mode"


AFAIK WebStorm works a bit differently here.

Here you use Alt+Shift+Insert (or whatever shortcut you have for "Edit | Column Selection Mode") to enter or exit Column Selection Mode where you can make rectangular selections with simple Shift+Arrows.

Ctrl, Ctrl+Arrows is more of a Multi-Caret functionality ( ). Originally mentioned Alt+Click will place additional caret anywhere in the text (e.g. even 2 characters on the right to current caret position) while Ctrl, Ctrl+Arrows is a convenient & faster way to quickly add additional carets in the lines above or below current but on the same column without having to use Alt+Click.


Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about. That's quite weird combination to press ctrl and then ctrl+[arrows]. Can it be changed to normal alt+shift+[arrows] instead?




Not 100% sure.

The default Ctrl+Ctrl+Arrows shortcut seems to be hard coded case (e.g. not visible in keymap settings as you cannot have modifier keys (Ctrl/Alt/Shift) pressed on their own (the first "Ctrl" in our case) -- it has to be combo with some "proper" key) therefore search by shortcut is also not possible.

But please try assigning shortcuts to "Clone Caret Above/Below" actions -- they seem to be doing just that.



can you try notepad++? Text selection with Shft+[arrows] works everywhere the same way on this planet. If you do the same while also pressing Ctrl you'll get that more or less standard behavior that works in every editor that has column mode edit support, at least that was my experience. To me, if webstorm doesn't have Shft+Alt+[arrows] is similar as if it didn't have Shift+[arrows] also.


By the way, alt+left mouse does the same in notepad++, visual studio and webstorm. Webstorm simply didn't add ability to produce that same action with keyboard only. ctrl, ctrl+[arrows] seems to be doing similar, but in somewhat strange way: instead of selecting rectangles it select weird shapes (because some lines of text are shorter). Personally, I've never seen anything like that, not sure what would be the use for that...




FYI, I've filed a bug report. IMO entire implementation of column mode selection/edit is bizarre and wrong. That's how it should work:



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