Is it possible to sync plugins (with Settings Repository)?


It doesn't appear that there is any plugin metadata file, or any references to plugins at all in the settings repository by default, and so no way to completely synchronize intellij configurations across machines without directly copying or manually comitting plugins.

Is this already possible? If not, is there a reason this feature hasn't been implemented as something like a PluginMetadata.xml?

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There is a related request at Please vote.

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You can use the new Settings Sync plugin, that among other things lets you sync the list of enabled and disabled plugins:

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Was this implemented? I have the need to sync installed plugins as well. Use case in a company:

  1. Employee installs IntelliJ IDEA
  2. Employee configures the Git Settings Repository URL
  3. IDE syncs settings and installs plugins 
  4. Employee is ready for development.

We want to sync plugins across employee devices because we have some standard plugins that everyone use and has to install on initial setup. It would be easier if the plugins are also synced. Using IDE Settings Sync is not an option since it is linked to a single JetBrains account. 



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Hi Serge,

thank you for the update, but I already saw that and a couple of other reported issues. This hasn't been updated in 4 years, and I believe I saw one opened 11-12 years ago. Sooo... Care to comment on the status? At least when can we expect this feature?


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